While most celebs seem to be going darker in colour for winter, Liz Hurley is going against the trend by adding subtle, brightening highlights to her dark brunette hair.

The 56 year old, who recently starred as a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, took to Instagram to share the look in a grid video. Though it was her lipstick she was showing being applied, it was her fresh hair colour that caught our attention.

“Adding a bit of@tomfordbeautylippy,” she captioned the makeup application clip.

“That colour is gorgeous,” replied one fan, while another asked: “Can I look this good at this age?”

“Love the hair,” said another.

Liz’s highlights are placed cleverly near the front and mid sections of her hair, providing a brightening lift to her complexion. This placement of bleach has been dubbed ring light highlighting – similar to baby-lighting and micro-highlighting – and offers a great way to go blonder without the commitment of too much potentially-damaging bleach.

“Ring lighting is a technique that uses highlights to lighten the areas around the face. It’s similar to face-framing highlights, baby lights, and micro lights, but continues further into the hairline and around the head.” explains Josh Wood, celebrity colourist. “Essentially it’s a low maintenance soft filter for your hair.”

The colour technique works best on those who want to have minimal colour or bleach work, but want a youthful base shade boost.

“Mid to dark blondes and brown shades are perfect tones to try this trend, as a few carefully placed highlights will stand out nicely and give the face a brightened effect,” adds Josh.

Liz’s trip to the salon comes after a brief experiment with blonde for Superwoman-themed New Year’s Eve snaps. The Royals actress can be seen in a mid-blonde coloured wig and a skimpy blue and red superhero ensemble. Naturally she looks as fabulous as usual.

“Supergirl vs Superman. Happy New Year everyone,” she wrote.

To be honest, Liz could just about wear any wig colour or style and still look stunning.

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