Maltesers launches new cake bars as fans moan their January diet is ‘ruined’

Maltesers has launched a brand new product for 2021 – Maltesers cake bars.

So far, the only way fans of the chocolate have been able to have Maltesers cakes is if they make them themselves. However, now they come in handy pre-packed form.

The new Maltesers cake bars are made up of a light malty sponge and topped with a malt flavoured cream containing Maltesers pips. This is all covered in a layer of chocolate.

Fans can buy the cake bars now in Morrisons, Tesco and One Stop, and they will be on sale in Sainsbury’s and Co-op stores from January 11, and Asda from January 18.

A pack of five individually wrapped cake bars will cost you £1.65.

The cake bars caused a stir when Instagram page NewFoodsUk shared a snap of them with it's 185,000 followers.

Despite the post racking up thousands of likes and being branded "lush" by some, others were worried they would 'ruin' their January diets and New Years resolutions.

One Instagram user asked: "How am I meant to diet?"

As another added: "They need to stop making all of these treats, no wonder I put on a stone last year."

A third chimed in: "I need these, bye bye healthy eating."

The new cake bars come after the folks at Maltesers introduced white chocolate Maltesers Bunnies.

As well as the standard Maltesers, various flavours of Maltesers Buttons have been introduced recently as well as a Teasers bar. You can also buy Maltesers Ice Creams, hot chocolate and a milkshake.

Fans of the brand certainly have a lot to tempt them this year, that's for sure.

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