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Calling all astrology lovers – Mercury is in retrograde yet again, but what's in store this time?

Mercury being in retrograde means that the planet appears to go backwards in its orbit, for around three weeks.

2022 has been especially unlucky as we will receive four retrogrades unlike the average of three. And this phase started on 10th May and will end on 3rd June.

This time, Mercury has started appearing to spin backwards in the sign of Gemini. And apparently, this is the sign that rules communication.

Astrology-loving Generation Z and Millennials dread the retrograde as they relate it to bad things happening.

Just like Mercury going backwards, parts of your life may seem to go backwards too.

This could be anything between arguments in your friendships and relationships, or even people from your past resurfacing.

Believers also think the phenomenon can bring bad luck – from trains being late to bad weather and life getting your down in general.

If you're an air star sign, meaning Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, it's believed this retrograde will impact you more than others.

Take everything you read about the retrograde with a pinch of salt as it isn't all negative.

There are also some positive effects of this three-week period such as the opportunity to sit back a little and reflect on how you truly feel in situations.

But you don't have to hold your breathe as the next mercury retrograde won't be until September – so let's hope for a stress free summer!

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