Miley Cyrus' Brother Trace Says He 'Feels Bad' For Girls Who 'Live With The Regret' of Losing Him

"Some of them are in new relationships & have had to settle for what I know they find less desirable but they've settled for what they can get," wrote Cyrus about his exes.

Trace Cyrus went on a rant about how he feels sorry for his ex-girlfriends and how they’ve had to “settle” in their new relationships.

Trace, the brother of Miley Cyrus, took to his Instagram Stories yesterday to share his thoughts on the women who have the “regret of losing” him.

“I genuinely feel bad for any girl I’ve been with that has to live with the regret of losing me,” he wrote on Tuesday afternoon. “There’s girls I’ve dated even over a decade ago still trying to get another chance with me.”

“Some of them are in new relationships & have had to settle for what I know they find less desirable but they’ve settled for what they can get,” said Cyrus, before posting pictures from his mother, Tish’s wedding.

“They’re beautiful women everywhere but there aren’t actually many good, attractive, hard working men, with high values and morals,” continued Cyrus, who offered up his advice for women who have a man like that.

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“Ladies if you find one of these men do all you can to hold onto him. Don’t allow petty emotions and irrational decisions to cause you to lose a man that truly loves you,” cautioned Cyrus.

“Any man who thinks highly of himself and knows his value will have no problem walking away from a relationship if he isn’t being treated with the love & respect he knows he deserves,” said Cyrus, 34.

“No girl that lost me has had their life improve by me no longer being a part of it,” concluded Trace.

The musician also went on to add that he is “completely aware” that his message was “interpreted by some as an extremely positive message & others immediately take offense to it without taking the time to fully comprehend what I’m saying.”

“I really don’t worry about people who take what I say the wrong way because I know my intentions are pure & are only meant to spend knowledge & positivity,” continued Cyrus. “If you don’t see the truth in someone’s opinion then you shouldn’t be offended by it.”

“The internet is vast & you’re free to pick and choose who you relate to & want to support.”

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