Miss BumBum UK competitors are paying homage to the late Queen in an unusual way.

This year’s Miss BumBum UK candidates range from a ripped gran to a Playboy model – and three of them going on a week-long ‘sex fast’ to pay tribute to her majesty.

Model Andrea Sunshine, who is representing London in the pageant, announced she and two others will be abstaining from sex to her 150,000 followers on her Instagram.

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The 53-year-old bodybuilder wrote: “In the name of the majesty of Queen Elizabeth, the loved Queen of United Kingdom.

“I mourn for a week as duly followed by all who respected and loved her. So I will put myself in sexual abstinence for this time of mourning! May God rest her soul in peace. #ripmajesty #london #uk.”

Fellow contestant Mikaelly, the 24-year-old representing Manchester, also confirmed the sex ban in a separate post.

She said: “In mourning Queen Elizabeth I will go stay 1 week without sex. The world is in mourning!”

Bianka Cabral, representing Oxford, agreed to participate in the bizarre tribute too.

Announcing to her 594,000 followers on Instagram, she said: “In mourning Queen Elizabeth I will go stay 1 week without sex. The world is in mourning!”

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The three will go on to compete with seven other contestants from different regions in the Miss BumBum UK contest later this month.

The prize is £5,000 in cash, as well as a prestigious belt and crown.

Ripped gran Andrea previously made headlines sharing her brutal fitness regime.

She told NeedToKnow.online: “I work out at least six times a week for at least three hours minimum. It depends on what I incorporate that day, for example, if it’s an arm day or leg day.

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“The only days I do not work out are when I am injured or sore from previous training.

“Women who complain about looking old only have themselves to blame and need to be more committed to working out.

"It’s all about attitude and choices. Workouts improve life quality, physically and mentally.”


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