Model who claims to hide booze in 55-inch bum considers making it a service

A curvy plus-size model has asked her fans if they would like her to serve them bottles of booze she's hidden in her 55-inch bum after going viral from the admission.

Steph Oshiri, who posts as @stephoshirii, regularly posts online about having a huge backside – including making a video revealing how she would sneak bottles of booze into concerts by hiding them in her big bum.

The 28-year-old OnlyFans model, from Ontario, Canada, was seen flaunting her curvaceous figure in a bright yellow dress, showing off her huge bum to the camera.

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In the clip, which has gained more than 14,900 likes, she explained: "One thing I used to do when I was younger was hidden full alcohol bottles in my bum. I'm not kidding. I wish I was.

"Every time me and my friends would go to concerts, I would be the person that would have to hide the alcohol. I wish I was joking."

But while the model was initially mortified by how viral her story went, she has now asked her fans if they would like to see her put her party trick to use and provide it as a service.

Steph was seen flaunting her curves in a figure-hugging dress with cut-out detail on the bust as she responded to a comment that dubbed it "Bottle Servix."

In a follow-up video, which gained more than 1,100 likes, she asked her followers: "First off, thank you, because you just gave me an amazing idea for a skit also.

"Do you think that this could be a thing like imagine showing up to your booth and I'm the bottle service girl, and I just come and I just pull it out and hand it to you?

"Do you think there's a market for that? Should I start a business? Start my own club?"

TikTok viewers loved the idea as they rushed to the comments to encourage her to start up her own business venture.

One bloke said: "I'm signing up as an investor for this."

Another added: "It could actually be a thing."

A third commented: "You're absolutely gorgeous."

A fourth wrote: "Absolutely beautiful love."


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