My church grassed to my family that I was on OnlyFans – and they disowned me

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    A woman who went viral after being ordered off the ice rink at Winter Wonderland for wearing a mini skirt revealed her family no longer speak to her because of her saucy career.

    Lowri Rose grew up in a devout Christian home but her local church “grassed” on her when she started flogging naked snaps.

    Her stepdad then called her to say the family wanted nothing to do with her and she has had zero contact with them since.

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    The tattooed babe and former law student has now spoken about the upsetting experience with Daily Star.

    She said: “My church grassed on what I was up to.

    "I had people from church following me on social media for a while and I had asked them to unfollow me because I just don’t like them looking at my stuff.

    “They had me on Instagram and a few people from my church grassed. I found out because a member of the church told me.

    “Every time I went to visit my family they would want me to go to church and it was so awkward and to them Jesus is everything.”

    The Cardiff-based influencer added: “They ghosted me for about a month after I started on OnlyFans but I didn’t know why.

    “Then I received a call saying they didn’t want to see me any more. I just hung up. It wasn’t my actual mum, it was my stepdad. After that I just blocked them.

    “At first it was a big shock so I did cry initially. But the more time that went on the more I felt like I had my freedom and I could make my own choices and I didn’t have to live a double life.

    “I could just be myself. I had always been quite cautious with what I posted online and then I didn’t have that issue any more and then I could just post whenever I wanted.”

    Lowri is now 23 and has not been to church in two years.

    She used to go twice on Sundays with her family until she turned 18 and started to experience different things.

    The blonde bombshell remembered: “I didn’t really fit in there ever. When I was younger I knew I liked girls as well as guys and I just knew I wasn’t the same as them because I thought very differently.

    “So I had a very strict upbringing but when I turned 18 I did my own thing. Once I was able to leave the house I was able to experience what real life was like and I liked it.”

    As a child she wanted to be a singer before setting her sights on a career in law as she got older.

    But she decided on a more risqué venture after building a TikTok following with more than half a million followers.

    Some fans asked her to start an OnlyFans and she eventually did, but only after taking 12 months to properly consider it.

    She has been on it for 18 months and now collaborates with some of the biggest names in the industry.

    And despite being turned away from her family and being targeted by online trolls, Lowri has no regrets about the choices she has made.

    She concluded: “It doesn’t bother me that much because I know if you are judging someone based on your appearance or career, you are not a good person anyway so those people don’t matter to me any more.”


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