Very slashes price of Ninja’s popular ‘versatile’ and ‘energy-efficien

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Air fryers are a cost-effective cooking method, but the initial investment can be costly, so keeping an eye out for discounts can help save money.

NINJA Foodi Max 7.5L Multi Cooker

£229 £179 View Deal

The Ninja air fryer has 9 pre-set options which are ideal for cooking different types of meals to perfection. The huge capacity can serve up to eight portions which is great for a family meal or party.

With 94 percent of reviews saying they would recommend the product, some shoppers are calling it ‘superb’.

Adam said: ”Superb piece of equipment easy to use once you get the hang of it and very cost effective.”

Sheff1966 commented: ”I use nothing else in my kitchen now it is so versatile and it saves so much time. Easy to clean and everything tastes so much better, and I got 20% off as a new customer.”

Mrs Deal also added: ”We bought the 6.5l model first loved it so bought the larger 7.5l one as well. Both are energy efficient, and a joy to use. I can now bake a dozen cupcakes at one time, loaf cakes, sandwich cakes, sourdough loaves come out brilliantly. The 7.5l alone saves me turning my oven on, saving electricity. Superb for one pot meals serving up to 8 people no more pans cluttering up space.”

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