New road changes set to come into action in 2021 could impact millions of Brits

Drivers in the capital city will face more charges on the roads from October 2021.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan hopes to launch the new charges in the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) later this year.

The restrictions aim to battle against air pollution problems which the country faces.

Transport for London (TfL) has confirmed the current ULEX will expand and push thousands of residents into paying heavy charges.

The new plans will charge drivers £12.50 per day even in the outer London areas previously unaffected by any of the fees.

TfL said the first ULEX implemented in April 2019 has reduced roadside nitrogen dioxide levels by a whopping 44% in its boundaries.

Also the amount of vehicles meeting tight mission standards has risen from 29% in 2017 to more than 80%.

Last October, TfL and the Mayor committed to maintaining the current temporary changes to its Congestion Charge in London.

The charges were introduced as a response to the coronavirus pandemic but now the fees have remained in place.

In June, the Congestion Charge temporarily increased to £15 per day with the new scheme now in force seven days a week.

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The residents discount scheme was also excluded to new applicants at the start of August.

A statement from the Mayor's Office said: "As a condition of the recent TFL emergency funding from Government, the Mayor has been forced to continue the temporary changes to the central London Congestion Charge that Ministers insisted on in May.

"As part of this deal, Sadiq Khan and TfL must also raise money to cover the non-statutory elements of concessionary fares.

"Decisions about how this additional funding will be raised are yet to be made by the Mayor, but some of the options include keeping these changes in place for the longer term, subject to a full consultation."

It is believed the Mayor is also considering plans to introduce extra road charges to outer London regions.

Under the proposals, motorists will pay £3.50 per day to drive in outer London regions.

The news could affect thousands of commuters who use their cars to travel into work daily.

But Mr Khan says the charges will come into force if the government doesn't allow TfL to keep £500 million paid by London drivers in VED car tax.

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