Newly-wed couple left devastated after guests did not show for wedding

A devastated couple was left upset on their wedding day after more than half of their guests did not show up for the big day. Gray Narvaez-Dragion got married this week and on the TikTok account @grayanxiety they have gained millions of views on their videos showcasing how disappointed they were when their wedding did not go as planned.

Gray has gained over five million views on one video in which they show an empty ballroom at their reception party. In the video, Grey wrote: “88 people said yes … not even 40 showed up.” Gray, who is transgender and uses gender-neutral pronouns, has said they spend $27 thousand dollars (£22,500) on their wedding day, only to cut the day short due to the lack of guests.

In another video, Gray said they had cried their wedding makeup off due to their disappointment. In the caption, Gray wrote that they and their husband “sat on the empty ceremony room together and cried.”

Gray went on to say that the couple ended the reception early and that the groom’s family left “immediately” after the wedding pictures were taken. The disappointed newly-wed wrote: “Cancelled my dream send-off, cancelled dinner at my favourite place, the DJ felt so bad he made us use the photo booth I hadn’t touched and took pics together, we fell during our first dance.”

Gray added that most of their wedding money was spent making wedding favours, such as soaps, magnets and hand-crafted spell jars for their guests but the couple will now keep the majority of them after being up until 2:30am making the presents. Gray wrote in the comment section: “Almost no one showed. Looking at our magnets makes me bawl…I can’t even use my use my custom-made soap samples because they make me cry too.”

Friends who seemed to have been guests at Gray’s wedding reassured them in the comment section and said they had fun despite the lack of guests. One user named Chris wrote: “It was a beautiful ceremony and those [who] didn’t show up, it’s their [loss]” to which Gray replied: “I love you, Chris.”

Another person named Lily, said: “Our table LOVED the soaps and spell jars, our [little] trinkets. I’ll take more, they’re so cute and I appreciated…having [little] gifts for coming!”

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Gray replied to Lily and said they will give them some more guest favours once “I work myself up to unpacking the car.”

Another person who seemed to have been a guest said: “The soaps and magnets were amazing. The people who didn’t show up such. The entire wedding was amazing.”

They went on to say: “[The] first dance was beautiful. Even if you fell, [it] makes more memories (it was a graceful fall). You’re awesome Gray, I hope everything feels better soon.”

Gray’s wedding videos have gone viral and people have taken to the comment section to express their sympathy about their disappointing big day.

One woman named Genevieve said: “Your dress was beautiful and you seem so thoughtful, I’m sorry hun.” while someone named Jess wrote: “I’m so sorry, your wedding looked beautiful. they didn’t deserve your invite.”

Somebody else named Megan commented: “You deserved the most extravagant wedding. I am sorry that people are so heartless. Congratulations regardless, you look wonderful and happy together.”

Some people have suggested that Gray and their new husband have another event at a later date so they can make some happy memories. One person wrote: “I have an idea” If you want to remake the wedding but at a cheaper reception, your new TikTok family will have your back and show up for you.”

However, the whole day was not a total disappointment, as Gray responded to one user who said they had a similar experience, but “still got to marry the love of my life.” Gray responded with a smiley face and said: “Same thing as my wedding, I’m so happy with the ceremony, I cried happy tears.”

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