“Manifest” returns to Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10 chart during the Oct. 31-Nov. 6 viewing window at No. 1 following the Season 4 premiere on Netflix. Within the new installment’s first three days of availability, the series garnered 1.37 billion minutes viewed.

As previously reported, the series, which originally aired on NBC, was canceled in 2018 before it was saved by Netflix. After seasons 1-3 were added to Netflix during the summer of 2021, the streamer picked up the fantasy drama for a fourth and final season –– the first part of which premiered on Nov. 4.

According Nielsen’s measurements, three-quarters of the show’s audience was evenly split across the 18-34, 35-49 and 50-64 (25% in each) age groups. Additionally, two thirds of the audience was female.

“Love is Blind” Season 3 jumped up in the rankings to second place following the release of three new episodes. The reality dating series raked in 1.2 billion minutes viewed. With the season finale release on Nov. 9, it’s expected the series finale will remain in the rankings for at least another week.

Netflix’s pick-up “Inside Man,” cracks the chart at No. 3 with 892 million minutes viewed. The drama starring Stanley Tucci as a killer-turned crime solving investigator opened on the streamer on Oct. 31 –– more than a month after the show aired on BBC One. Nielsen shares the show’s audience was made up of an older crowd, half of which was over 50.

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