Optical illusion baffles as people can’t tell if bricks are wonky or straight

Optical illusions aren't for everyone.

Some can understand them almost immediately, while others spend hours stressing about what's in the image.

Now the latest illusion to trick peoples' minds involves a brick wall which appears to look wonky.

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The experts at Selco Builders Warehouse shared the image which is a prime example of the cafe wall illusion.

Since the 1800s, psychologists and philosophers are yet to reach a conclusion as to why it confuses viewers.

In this version, the bricks appear to be wobbly when in reality it's not…

So can you figure what's going on in this image?

According to the creators, the horizontal lines dividing the "bricks" are straight, but people see them as "wonky".

And almost 100% of viewers looking at the image will tell you it's wobbly.

Meanwhile, this isn't the first optical illusion to trick peoples' minds this week.

Previously, two words were hidden in this image and only 45% of Brits can figure it out.

The design hides two words in the picture and it was tested on 80 people just last month.

1. Your friend is buying you lunch today. That means you're eating for…

2. Quick, you need your favourite pair of jeans before you go out! Put your washing machine on a…

On another occasion, an optical illusion tattoo which looks "like a blinking eye" left viewers gobsmacked.

The pattern resembles an open eye made with small lines on the customer's forearm.

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