A plus size influencer flaunted her 300lbs (21st) body in a figure-hugging dress – and left her fans more than impressed.

Curvy TikTok star Jewlieah is no stranger to receiving attention online.

She previously went viral for practising the unusual dating technique of vabbing – where she used her vaginal discharge as 'perfume' to attract potential male lovers.

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In a recent post to her 129,000 followers, Jewlieah decided to step away from talking about her 'successful' pulling method to focus on body positivity.

The stunning brunette slipped into a skin-tight brown dress that cheekily exposed her thighs and cleavage.

As the garment hugged her voluptuous shape, Jewlieah smiled in the mirror and wrote "300+lbs and beautiful" across the screen.

To keep up with a trend praising plus size women, the influencer attached an audio clip to the video which said: "If you 200+lbs and beautiful, show me your 200+lbs and beautiful.

"I'm trying to have my for you page how I like my for you page – thicker than a snicker, baby."

In awe of Jewlieah and her curves, many fans fled to the comments to compliment the body confident babe.

One fan swooned: "Beautiful."

Another added: "Gorgeous."

While a third praised: "The baddest."

Someone else gushed: "Fabulous hun!"

Meanwhile, a fifth declared: "Absolutely gorgeous."

Jewlieah is not the only plus size influencer who is not shy about flaunting her curves.

A curvy woman decided to flaunt her natural body that has ' a bit of pudge' despite jibes from cruel trolls.

Justy took to TikTok to call people out about body shaming and explained 'fat' is not a bad word.

"Fat is not a bad word, fat is a word that I use to describe myself, I'd say it pretty accurately", she said.

"Why can't I be fat and normal? Did you know the most commonly worn size in women's clothing is a size 14 and that's considered plus size.

"Why can't I be fat and look great? I do."


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