Pregnant wife refuses to tell man babys gender after he ditched her for chippy

Finding out the gender of a baby is a huge deal.

But one woman recently found herself dealing with the big moment on her own after her husband snubbed her.

The pregnant wife was left furious after her partner chose to go for a chippy tea with his pal instead of be with her.

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She went with her mum instead and is now refusing to tell her husband they're having a boy or girl.

Her husband hasn't prioritised their doctors appointments, previously skipping for football and meeting his mates.

When she called him out, he argued that he wasn't carrying the baby so didn't feel he needed to attend.

Last week, she reached her "final straw" after her husband ditched the baby's gender scan to see his friend.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: "He texted asking me to tell him the results (boy or girl) but I refused to tell him.

"He kept scam-calling me but I hung up each time. He came home fuming demanding I tell him the results but I refused.

"I bluntly told him that since he refused to attend he gets no results until the baby is born."

She claimed he called her spiteful and immature for punishing him as he's the dad and has a right to know.

"He then called me dramatic since I wasn't alone and mum was with me. I said he gets no results period," she added.

After finding out what happened, her in-laws are also piling pressure on her to stop playing games and tell him.

Now she reached out to people on Reddit for advice.

One said: "If he's telling you 'I'm not carrying the baby why do I have to go to the doctor with you' that's going to turn into 'I didn't push out that baby, why should I look after it!' real quick."

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