Princess Anne plays ‘wing-woman’ in closest royal friendship

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According to body language expert Judi James, Princess Anne’s closest friend in the Royal Family is now her brother King Charles – but this hasn’t always been the case.

Judi suggested that while Anne and Charles are firm friends now, things may have not always been so plain sailing between them.

She told “Although Anne and her eldest brother looked close as children, once the two younger boys arrived the family dynamic appeared to shift dramatically.”

The “visual impression” was that while “Anne was very much the hub of the family” and “doted on by her parents”, Charles might have become “subtly “self-alienated”, frequently pictured sitting to the side.

The expert claimed that the royal duo had totally contrasting personalities which may not have made for a stellar friendship.

She explained: “Charles’ tendency for self-reflection and self-pity might not have resonated well with his extremely stoic sister as they were growing up.”

However, despite rocky beginnings, “the pair seem to have grown into a much closer sibling/friendship ‘fit’” in recent years, which could “see Anne viewing Charles as her closest friend in the Firm”.

A combination of circumstance and their genuine liking for each other have solidified a close bond between the siblings in recent years, she claimed.

Judi suggested that while Charles’ marriage to Camilla may have initially been a point of contention, the Queen Consort may now be bringing them closer together.

“As a royal traditionalist like her father, Anne might not have approved of Charles’s marriage to Camilla but now that relationship has moved into calmer waters and proved less controversial with time.

“Anne seems to find Camilla easy company, which would also have allowed her ‘later years’ friendship with her brother grow.

“She also now seems to see her place in Charles’s life as his wing-woman and defender, someone who gets it and someone he can trust and visa versa, meaning Anne’s strong traits of loyalty and duty would have pushed her closer to Charles.

Judi suggested that Anne may have also been able to get closer to Charles by filling the important void left by their father.

When Charles was left “distraught at his father’s death”, he may have relied on his sister more than usual.

She explained that “Anne has always been from the same personality and behavioural mould as The Duke of Edinburgh, meaning Charles could easily have turned naturally to her from comfort and continuity”.

The extraordinarily unique position of Charles and Anne would also solidify their relationship.

“Anne was equally devastated at her mother’s death and Charles would suddenly have become the one person who would understand and share experiences and grief.”

Judi concluded: “But along with this natural convergence, the pair also seem to have discovered a genuine liking for each other’s company.

“Charles seems to have returned to a more relaxed, fun-loving and even performer version of himself recently and photos of Anne and Charles together will often show a shared sense of humour and fun.

“Charles seems to make Anne laugh in a way that she will often avoid during more public and formal events and she will see from his body language that he loves to do it.”

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