The UK has been basking in a glorious heatwave over the last few days – and many will have endured some hot and sticky nights.

Some may even have left their fans on during the night in order to get some much needed sleep.

While it may be quite tempting to turn the fan on so you can doze off, you might want to think twice about doing it.

According to a report from The Sleep Advisor, sleeping with a fan on can trigger asthma or allergic reactions.

The fan may be showering you with a gentle breeze, but it’s also circulating all the dust and pollen in the room.

Worryingly, this can build up in your sinuses, potentially triggering an asthma attack or hay fever.

Constantly blasting cool air around the room can also cause dry skin and eyes.

Lotions and moisturisers could help present this, but if your skin is very dry you should be careful.

Some people sleep with their eyes partially open, so a steady stream of air could cause major irritation.

For those that can’t help but sleep with their mouths slightly open, this is the same – the airflow could dry out mouths and throats.

The constant stream of air can also cause sinus irritation, and dry out the nasal passages.

The experts said: "If the dryness is particularly extreme, it can result in your body producing excess mucous to try to compensate.

"Then, you’re more susceptible to blockage, stuffiness, and sinus headaches."

Sleeping with a fan on could also cause you to take up with a stiff neck due to the concentrated cool air.

This can cause muscles to tense and cramp up – so if you do decide to go ahead, you should consider turning it away from you.

The NHS recommends keeping rooms cool by “using shades or reflective material outside the windows.

“If this is not possible, use light-coloured curtains and keep them closed (metallic blinds and dark curtains can make the room hotter).”

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It's important to keep hydrated throughout the day – drink plenty of fluids and avoid excess alcohol.

Co-founder of Andy Kerr previously shared several tips on how to keep your room cool to Daily Star.

One tip involves using a hot water bottle as an ice pack. Simply fill it with cold water, and pop it in the freezer.

Other tips from Andy include investing in house plants, changing your bedding to linen and opening the windows after dark.

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