The 10 Most Expensive Airbnb Listings In The World

Air Bed and Breakfast popularly known as Airbnb are supposed to be a home away from home, but there are levels to these things as some people can only afford the ones that do the basic function of providing a roof over their heads and a space to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, and for some people, it’s beyond that, it is about providing luxury and total comfort which comes at an attractive price and these kinds of people definitely do not mind paying this handsome price. Let’s explore the top 10 most expensive Airbnb listings in the world, prepare to be blown!

10 Stelvio by Touch of Spice, Queenstown, New Zealand ($12,500)

A stunning residence that promises dreamy serenity, it peers into the purest distillation of South Island’s natural majesty. With its first-class amenities including a cinema room, a bar, a gym, a game room, an office, a drying room, and an elevator, placing the estate in a league of its own, this villa is sure worth every penny of the $12,500 it charges per night.

9 Chalet Sagamarta, Verbier, Switzerland ($14,192)

A skiing destination vacation should be one in a famous Swiss Ski resort like this property for skiers who are looking to get an exceptional holiday experience. Charging a whopping sum of $14,192 per night might cost an arm and a leg but considering the features of this incredibly private home space, it’s all worth it. From the breathtaking panoramic views from the large terrace to its separate hammam, sauna, and ice-cold plunge pool, these facilities will surely make you not overthink your $14,192 per night bill.

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8 Pure Turquoise Villa, St. George, St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda ($27,000)

This luxurious holiday villa features a modern and sophisticated colonial architectural style while providing a primary social space and a sophisticated beach getaway. Pure Turquoise Villa is situated in the heart of a private cove on a small island in Antigua and Barbuda. The cost of owning the luxurious space for a night is $27,000 and this covers the broad estate with its enormously breathtaking infinity pool and spa that blends effortlessly into the serene, untouched ocean waters.

7 The Tower, Maiori, Salerno, Campania, Italy ($27,000)

Want to have a feel of what royalty tastes like? Pack a bag and grab $27000 for an awesome experience in The Tower. This luxurious villa overlooks the Amalfi Coast it affords you the experience of sweeping views of the coastline and sea while it stays sheltered from the emerald foliage enveloping the villa. The Tower possesses a double-level swimming pool, a stunning terrace, alfresco dining, private sea access, a garden, and a farmhouse.

6 Le Chalet Mont Blanc, Les Houches, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France ($27,473)

In the lap of luxury, these impeccable vast views of the Swiss alps, there’s absolutely no luxurious destination vacation spot like Le Chalet Mont Blanc. For $27,473 this luxurious vacation spot offers breathtaking views and modern facilities such as a helipad that enables guests to arrive in style in a helicopter to luxurious surroundings. Other features of Le Chalet Mont Blanc include a chauffeur service, floor-to-ceiling windows, modern furnishings, and private chef service.

5 Chalet Les Anges, Zermatt, Visp, Switzerland ($27,803)

Les Anges “the angels” is an exceptional luxurious chalet that has won the best chalet in Switzerland award twice and the best ski chalet in the world. Despite its superficial finishing, it delivers an immaculate modern touch with enormous windows and balconies that affords guests the luxury of taking in the Mountain View and the quaint city of Zermatt. This luxurious ski chalet costs a whopping $27,803 per night.

4 Amilla Villa Estate, Baa Atoll, North Province, Maldives ($30,000)

The Maldives happens to be everyone’s dream vacation spot, well, when next you think of the Maldives, think of one of its most expensive Airbnb Amilla Villa Estate which costs about $30,000 per night. This luxurious retreat villa happens to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere Reserve due to its meticulous preservation of the earth’s natural beauty. The bedrooms have massive windows with large open-air spaces overlooking the Indian Ocean and vast spa-like bathrooms. The private villa also features an infinity pool, a serene beachfront setting, a private beach, a private chef, and so many other luxurious features.

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3 The Great House, Mullins, St Peter, Barbados ($30,274)

If you ever find yourself in Barbados and you don’t mind splurging $30,274 per night on accommodation, you should definitely keep an eye out for this beautiful luxurious property that prides itself as the place for only the world’s most elite travelers. The charm of this property is in its infinity pool, lovely tended gardens, spa room, and many more features are all you should be looking out for in The Great House, Mullins.

2 Frostwood Gondola, Park City, Utah ($30,500)

In the world of luxurious Airbnb accommodations in the US, Frost wood Gondola is one of the most expensive with a charge of $30,500 per night. It is a most sought-after skiing Airbnb located near Wasatch Mountains with a broad rustic modern-day ski chalet. The suites have large luxurious spa-like bathrooms and furnishings. The property also features enormous windows that afford guests the luxury of constant Mountain views, a media room, an outdoor kitchen, a jacuzzi, and a ski room.

1 Firefly Anse Des Cayes Villa, St. Barth, St. Barthelemy ($32,143)

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to vacation in a glass-enclosed villa with sophisticated minimalist décor and a breathtaking view of the heated infinity pool, all you need is $32,143 per night in your pocket. The Firefly Anse Des Cayes villa also known as WV Fly has the finest finishings, a sleek chef-worthy kitchen that is exceptional for professional catering, and professionally prepared meals, a fully equipped spa, and a tranquil swimming pool that gives off the thrilling feeling of a private hotel or resort of some sort.

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