It's one of the Christmas classics, but what you might not realise is that Love Actually was released a whopping 18 years ago.

Feeling old yet? Us too! And something to make you feel even older will be the fact that the iconic Christmas lobster from the film looks totally unrecognisable now.

Yes, you might remember the actor in the show doing the nativity as a lobster – iconic or what?

The Love Actually child star is named Lulu Popplewell, and 18 years on it's safe to say you definitely wouldn't recognise her in the lobster outfit now.

Here's a peek at what Lulu is doing now…

Where is the lobster from Love Actually now?

Lulu was 12 when she played the daughter of Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman in the hit Christmas flick.

Now, she's 30 years old and her funny ways in the film have continued in her real life – she's a comedian!

The talented star is currently preparing for a show at London's Museum of Comedy, titled Goblin.

She has also voiced the part of Lyra in the BBC Radio 4 version of His Dark Materials.

And Lulu has spoken about Love Actually in the past, telling the Almost Famous podcast: "I don't regret it at all. Look, softly be it spoken I think it's a s**t film.

"I think it's aged badly. All the women in it are sort of passive objects. I think that there was an article describing them as passive objects to be acquired."

She continued: "On re-watching it's not great. You also have to remember that [Richard Curtis] was writing in the context of the time.

"I mean, I don't know how he excuses more recent work. But it was in 2003 or whenever it was out.

"But it is also not for me because I don't like cheese. I'm glad people like it."

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The film stars some huge names, including Keira Knightley and Hugh Grant and recalling her first time meeting Hugh, LuLu shared: "I remember meeting Hugh Grant as well, 'cause Richard introduced me to him.

"And he said, 'Oh god do I have to speak to her? I hate children'. Non-ironically. Which I thought was really funny."

The 30 year old can be found posting to her 500 plus Instagram followers, where she describes herself as a "comedian, writer, actor, goblin" in her bio.

She also performs covers on her guitar and shows off her impressive voice in the process.

It would appear LuLu is a big fan of dogs too, and often shares snaps with her adorable pooches on her social media.

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