The lesser-known Capaldi! Meet Lewis' actor brother Anthony

The lesser-known Capaldi! How Lewis’ big brother Anthony became a star of the small screen after being scouted in their father’s fishmongers (and he’s a VERY keen gym buff!)

  • Anthony Capaldi, 28, starred in the 2020 BBC Scotland film Haggis
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Since the release of his first single ‘Bruises’ in 2017, Lewis Capaldi has become one of the most popular male artists in the British music industry.

But it turns out, the 26-year-old singer-songwriter isn’t the only member of his family with a creative passion. 

While Lewis has been pursuing his love of music, his older brother Anthony, 28, has been plugging away at his acting career.

In 2020, Anthony – who was born in Glasgow – made his big screen debut in the BBC Scotland film Haggis, which he was scouted for while working in his father Mark’s fishmongers.

Ahead of Lewis’ new Netflix documentary, which lands on the streaming platform tomorrow, FEMAIL takes a look at how his brother became a star of the small screen in his own right.

Lewis Capaldi pictured with his older brother Anthony on the set of the Someone You Loved music video in September 2019

Finding his way as an actor 

Like his brother Lewis, Anthony was born in Glasgow – but the family relocated to Bathgate in West Lothian when he was six years old.

Speaking to Glasgow Times in 2020, Anthony explained how he was captivated by the pantomime performances his Mark and Carol, who worked as a nurse, used to take them to as children.

But it was only when Anthony turned 17 years old that it dawned on him that acting could be a potential career path. 

He explained: ‘I just remembered that year I saw how happy all the actors seemed on stage.

‘Even after the show, they all seemed ecstatic when they were walking about. I wanted to try and give it a little shot.’

In 2019, Anthony appeared in the short dramas The Way We Used to Be and Sign Your Life Away. That same year, he appeared in Lewis’ music video Someone You Loved – which went on to rack up over 100m views on YouTube.

However, it was his role in the 2020 BBC Scotland film Haggis that really put him on the map.

Anthony pictured hiking in Scotland earlier last month. He joked on Instagram: ‘I want it on record, I complained the whole time.’

In September 2021, Anthony shared his weight loss journey on Instagram. He wrote at the time: ‘Not done this yet soooo here, 106kg In January to just over 97kg 5 minutes ago, only another 5-10kg to go.’

Anthony pictured filming a short film in 2019. He captioned his post: ‘Behind the scenes photos from a shoot I was on last year, can’t wait to finally get to do more’

In an interview with the Daily Record, Anthony explained how his father put him forward for the role.

He said: ‘These people came into the fish shop he owns and were chatting to him. They said they were in the film industry and he told them I was an actor.’

Following the interaction with his father, the team from BBC Scotland returned to the store when Anthony was working one day,

 He continued: ‘I work there part-time to give him a hand and they then came in one day and said to me, ‘Are you Anthony Capaldi?’

‘I thought I was getting served or something and they said, “We spoke to your dad, you’re the actor?” I was very fortunate that my dad pushes me – he’s always very supportive.’

Anthony pictured modelling on his Instagram account. The actor has also trained as an electrician as a back-up plan

Anthony pictured on the set of the BBC Scotland film Haggis, which was released in September 2020

That said, Anthony has previously said how lucky he is to be able to turn to his father’s first cousin Peter Capaldi for acting advice.

‘He kind of tells me where he was around my age, the position he was in,’ Anthony told the Glasgow Times. ‘He calms me down if ever I feel like I don’t know what I am going to do next.’

Since Haggis’ release, Anthony appeared in the short film A Sorry Story and is now represented by Simon & How talent agency – which boasts Christopher Jeffers and Christian Alifoe on their books.

Close relationship with Lewis

Pictured: Lewis and Anthony Capaldi pose for a school portrait. The family was based in Glasgow until 2000 when they relocated to Bathgate in West Lothian

Undated photo of brothers Lewis and Anthony Capaldi. Anthony says he’s still just as close with Lewis as he was before his music career took off.

Since the release of his first single seven years ago, Lewis Capaldi has an estimated net worth of £20m.

But despite his younger brother’s stratospheric rise to fame, Anthony says he’s still just as close with Lewis as he was before his music career took off. 

Anthony previously told the Glasgow Times: ‘He is my little brother and he has worked so hard for the past decade pretty much.

‘So every bit of success he gets, he deserves it 100 per cent. I am honestly so proud of him.’

In July 2021, Anthony launched his own podcast called The Other One and says his brother’s ‘f***ing amazing’ success is what motivated him to take the plunge.

When asked if he ever feels like he’s in his brother’s shadow, Anthony told listeners: ‘No. Not at all. I mean my brother has done very well; I think we can all agree that Lewis has done amazing.

‘I am very proud of him. Because he’s done this for years, he’s not just randomly appeared and I think he’s done amazing.

‘I’m very proud of my brother and he gives me some motivation because it is amazing that he’s done this, especially being from where he’s from and kind of everything that’s happened for him since Bruises came out is f***ing amazing.’

Keen Gym Buff with a career back-up plan

He recently shared three photos taken on consecutive Christmas celebrations to showcase his transformation 

Last year, actor Anthony boasted about being able to deadlift almost double his weight in the gym

Although his brothers Lewis and Warren have always shown an interest in music, Anthony told Glasgow Times that he was always seen as ‘the sporty one’ of the family.

Over the past five years, Anthony has been sharing his fitness journey on Instagram – having lost 14kg between January 2021 and the start of 2022.

Describing how he had given his diet a ‘final push’, he proudly shared topless photographs showcasing his progress.

Anthony captioned the post: ‘Worked hard through the last 12 months and can’t express how happy I am to be at the end!’

Last year, the keen gym buff also shared a video of him deadlifting weights almost twice his body weight.  In April 2022, he joked that he had been ‘chunky’ over the years.

Over the summer months, the actor shared photos from his hiking trips around Carn Gorm mountain in Scotland and Switzerland. 

The actor says he also has a back-up plan if his career doesn’t pan out quite as he hopes.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, Anthony explained: ‘My dad always said “you have a way to make money, do whatever you can but always make sure you have something to fall back on”. So I’m also a qualified electrician!’

In a teaser trailer for Lewis’ new Netflix documentary, the star revealed he feared he’d never be able to perform again after his mental health struggles and twitches became ‘out of control.’

He said: ‘The twitches became out of control it was awful, absolutely horrific. I started to get in my head about it, you know these pressures about things. Rather than just me singing my silly little songs other people are depending on me.’

‘My twitch gets worse when I sit down to play piano, physically painful. And I get really short of breath and it’s like my back f*****g kills me when I go to do it.’

Detailing his panic attacks, the BRIT Award winner added: ‘It feels like I’m going insane. Completely disconnected from reality.

‘I can’t breathe. I get dizzy. I’m sweating, my whole body starts convulsing. Either I feel like I’m going to be stuck with it forever or I’m going to die.’

Lewis later sought help from a therapist, who suggested his anxiety could stem from losing his grandmother and his aunt’s suicide.

After undergoing further tests, Lewis revealed he was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrom, which offered him so much-needed relief and help him to reduce his anxiety levels and ease his symptoms.

Lewis is set to release his raw and honest feature length music documentary, How I’m Feeling Now, on Netflix on April 5.

It sees him candidly discuss his mental health struggles, diagnosis with Tourette’s and life in the spotlight.

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