The Most Expensive Jackets Of All Time, Ranked

For the majority of individuals, jackets are a fashion statement or a part of daily life, something they simply throw on when the temperature drops. Jackets can be multimillion-dollar pieces of memorabilia for artists, movie stars, and luxury fashion designers around the world. In this article, we will take a look at the top 9 most expensive jackets ever sold, that are not just a piece of clothing, but a statement of wealth, prestige, and exclusivity.

From high-end designer labels to custom-made pieces, these jackets have set new standards in the fashion world and have created a benchmark for luxury and opulence. Get ready to be amazed by the price tags and the craftsmanship behind these jackets that have made their way into the record books.

9 Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Tour Jacket – $225,000

The Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Jacket was sold at a Julien’s auction on December 2, 2012, as part of the Collection of Tompkins and Bush. The jacket is a black wool blend with a front zipper and Velcro fasteners, allowing the musician to swiftly change. The jacket has a pseudo-military design, with a belt of ammunition and bandoliers made of overlapping plates. Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins labels are sewn into the jacket’s interior. Two of these identical jackets were created for the Dangerous Tour, but the one that sold for $225,000 was in superior condition.

8 Olivia Newton-John Grease Motorcycle Jacket – $243,200

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The jacket worn by Olivia Newton-John at the conclusion of Grease was auctioned off by Julien’s on November 2, 2019, as part of a series titled “Property from the Life and Career of Olivia Newton-John.” It should come as no surprise that the jacket that introduced the world to “You’re the One that I Want” sold for more than the maximum estimate of $200,000, fetching $243,200 instead. The jacket is front-belted and has zippered arm closures, three pockets, and a corduroy trim in silver.

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7 John Lennon Photoshoot Jacket – $250,000

The John Lennon Photoshoot jacket was auctioned off by Julien’s on December 3, 2010, as part of their Icons & Idols series. The jacket was designed in the form of a military band for The Beatles’ 1966 LIFE photoshoot. The jacket is composed of ivory British wool with gold tassels and blue cuff accents. After Yoko Ono‘s flat gave the jacket to the Salvation Army, Joel Morris obtained it. The jacket was accompanied by many images and an authentication document. It ultimately sold for $250,000, approximately $50,000 more than its maximum projected worth.

6 Michael Jackson’s Bad World Tour Jacket – $298,000

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Michael Jackson wore the Michael Jackson Bad World Tour Jacket during the 1988 Bad World Tour in support of his Bad album. The tour, which was sponsored by Pepsi, saw Michael Jackson perform 123 shows in 15 countries before 4,4 million ardent fans. It earned $125 million in total revenue. One of Jackson’s jackets for the tour was black with several leather belts protruding from it. In November 2018, it was sold for $298,000. It was only thought to be worth approximately $100,000, but the appeal of the King of Pop propelled the jacket to its record-setting sale price.

5 Kurt Cobain Jacket – $300,000

The sale of the jacket worn by Kurt Cobain during the “Unplugged” concert for $137,500 made headlines. Unsurprisingly, it was recently resold at another auction for $300,000. The simple-looking, chocolate-green sweater jacket is constructed of silky mohair and dates to the 1960s. Cobain wore the sweater frequently in the months preceding his death in 1994. The Unplugged 1993 performance, now an iconic event in music history, is regarded as Kurt Cobain’s swan song, therefore this garment bears more weight than a pukey green jacket should.

4 Thriller Jacket – $1.8 Million

Deborah Nadolman Landis designed the striped candy apple red and black leather Thriller Jacket. The jacket has angular soldiers and crisscrossing zippers that are easily identifiable. As a result of its 1983 debut in the “Thriller” music video, it became a huge fashion trend. In fact, the jacket was so popular that Michael Jackson initiated a lawsuit to prohibit its reproduction. Milton Verret purchased this jacket at an auction held by Julien’s in June 2011 for $1.8 million.

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3 Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Jacket – $2.8 Million

Buzz Aldrin wore the Apollo 11 jacket that was sold at a space memorabilia auction in July 2022. Aldrin is the only survivor of the Apollo 11 moon mission of 1969, therefore his jacket is a genuine piece of history. It was appraised at up to $2 million, but its sale price of $2.8 million exceeded expectations. Aldrin’s crewmates Neil Armstrong and Michael Collins left their things at their private estates, making this auction the first time a piece of clothing from the moon landing was available for purchase.

2 Infinity Denim Jacket – $4.247 Million

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Stuart Hughes designed the Infinity Denim Jacket in conjunction with fellow Liverpool UK designer Karl Mathers. The jacket is covered in 24 karats of solid gold and platinum, as well as 129 carats of immaculate white diamonds. The jacket holds a total of 2,100 grams of precious metals. The Infinity jacket was sold for a whopping $4.247 million.

1 Diamond Jacket – $10 Million

The Diamond Jacket is the most expensive jacket ever sold. This magnificent jacket is crafted from black python skin and adorned with many diamonds. The cost of python skin is far higher than that of cow leather or other animal products. The jacket is embellished with 460 carats of precious stones between its scales. Each diamond has been confirmed by the GIA for its purity and clarity, increasing the value of the most costly jacket in the world. The Farrah/Marco Diamond Jacket costs around $10 million.

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