Jerry O'Connell Performs with Magic Mike Live Dancers, Gives Wife Rebecca Romijn a Lap Dance

"I'm feeling so many different things right now, but that was incredible," Romijn said of her husband's performance.

Things got extra steamy on Friday’s episode of “The Talk,” thanks to co-host Jerry O’Connell!

During the “Take It Off on ‘The Talk'” episode, in honor of the actor’s upcoming 49th birthday, O’Connell performed a sexy — shirtless — dance routine alongside “Magic Mike Live” dancers. But the TV host took it a step further and gave his wife, Rebecca Romijn, a lap dance.

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For the group performance, O’Connell was the star of the show, appearing front and center as he and the “Magic Mike Live” dancers performed a seductive routine to a remix of Ginuwine’s “Pony.” The men showed off their sexy dance moves, at one point taking their shirts off. And although he’s not a professional, O’Connell’s dancing skills were quite impressive.

However, things heated up for the second performance as O’Connell and two other dancers gave Romijn, “The Talk” co-host Sherri Shepherd and guest co-host Lisa Rinna a sensual lap dance. O’Connell, 48, and Romijn, 50, were the camera’s main focus as the former ground and body rolled on his wife. During one steamy moment, the actor even kissed and licked his wife’s neck, with Romijn smiling and laughing in response. The routine ended with O’Connell lifting Romijn out of the chair and carrying her off the stage.

Check out the performances in the videos, above, and, below!

After the lap dance, Romijn and O’Connell rejoined “The Talk” hosts onstage, where the former shared her reaction to her husband’s sexy dance routine.

“First of all, thank you for keeping your pants on,” she quipped, before noting, “Jerry, your mom and dad are here! I’m so embarrassed!”

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She added, “I’m feeling so many different things right now, but that was incredible.”

The couple — who shares 14-year-old twin daughters Dolly and Charlie — went on to recall O’Connell’s weeks of preparation, including his rehearsals at home.

“Jerry really wanted to rehearse with me, because he was learning the dance and I wanted it to be a surprise, so I kept saying no,” Romijn recalled. “So there was a lot of wall humping at our house. Like, no walls were safe. No doorways were safe.”

Unbeknownst to O’Connell, his wife brought some behind-the-scenes footage of the “Stand By Me” star practicing his routine at home, with Romijn providing hilarious commentary as she secretly filmed her husband grinding against a wall, performing outside the car in the dark and even dancing in nothing but his underwear.

When asked about how his family reacted to his rehearsals, O’Connell said, “Let me just tell you, my wife obviously was a little freaked out. Didn’t know you were gonna send that to the producers here at ‘The Talk.’ My kids were freaked out. The ones who were really freaked out were our dogs. Our dogs were like, ‘What?!'”

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