These Memes About Dua Lipa Traveling During The Pandemic Don’t Hold Back

Future Nostalgia singer Dua Lipa has traveled a lot recently, and at any normal time, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But the world is still in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic, and her constant traveling has fans pretty upset. As fans have watched the singer travel ~way~ too much in the current state of things, these memes about Dua Lipa traveling during the pandemic have arisen, and they’re all dragging her.

Although 2020 is finally over, the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t slowed down in the new year. As of Saturday, Jan. 16, over 23 million U.S. COVID-19 cases have been reported since the beginning of COVID-19 testing in March 2020. Per the U.S. Centers for Distance Control and Prevention (CDC), there is also a new variant present in the United States, which first emerged in the UK in September 2020. As of Dec. 2, 2020, the CDC advises against unnecessary travel, as it can "increase your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19." The CDC also states that staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others during the pandemic.

As it stands, it doesn’t really look like Dua Lipa is following this guidance at all. She’s been spotted in tropical locales with friends, in New York, in London… it seems like she’s somewhere new as frequently as every month. Included in some of the travel pictures is none other than Dua Lipa’s boyfriend Anwar Hadid. It’s uncomfortable all around to see the singer hopping from place to place so much while her fans are staying put.

Sure doesn’t look like there’s any social distancing going on:

Since people have noticed she’s basically somewhere else each month, the memes have flooded Twitter:

One person is joking about the singer taking way too many flights:

Others are joking that she can’t fathom staying in one place:

One Twitter user is guessing the distance:

But there is no pandemic, right?

Some are even joking that Dua Lipa’s management team has had enough:

One can only hope Dua Lipa will get the message now that her traveling has become a full-blown meme.

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