Thousands of women STOP cleansing their faces in the morning

As thousands of women STOP cleansing their faces in the morning for the ‘best skin of their lives’ – this is what a professional has to say about it

  • Dr Clara Hurst has slammed the idea of only cleansing you face once per day
  • A recent trend  telling people to cleanse once is gaining traction on TikTok
  • The trend calls for the morning cleanse to be dumped – but experts warn it’s bad

Skincare enthusiasts are ditching their morning cleanse to achieve ‘the best complexion of their lives’ after the controversial trend went viral on TikTok.

According to influencers who had jumped on board with the single night-time cleanse routine their skin has ‘never been better’ but experts disagree with their results.

Dermatologist Clara Hurst, who owns Perth-based Aesthetics clinic Blanc and is the cofounder of popular prescription-only skincare brand The Secret says she will keep cleansing twice every day.

Dr Clara Hurst has warned against the viral single-cleanse trend sweeping TikTok

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The mother-of-two is a dermatologist and is cofounder of a prescription only skincare line, she says following advice to reduce cleansing could be damaging

The blonde mother-of-two is usually on board with simplifying her beauty regime, anything to save a few minutes in the morning, but she won’t leave the house without cleansing.

Speaking to FEMAIL Dr Clara explained why: ‘When you are using effective, active skincare products – it is very important to be cleansing your skin at least twice a day. 

‘Not only to correctly remove your actives from the night before, but to remove built up dirt throughout the day before bed.’

She said your skin needs to be clean for skincare products to be able to penetrate properly, and do their job.

In fact Dr Clara says cleansing once per day will significantly change your complexion and not for the better.

‘Reducing cleansing to once a day can lead to a build up of makeup/skincare, and cause clogged pores. Ultimately, causing breakouts, congestion and texture,’ she said. 

Videos, like this one, talk about barrier disruption which is caused by over cleansing

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What’s Dr Clara’s routine? 

Morning routine Oil Cleanse, Secret Serum, Secret Day elixir and eye serum , SPF50+  

Night routine Oil Cleanse, Secret skincare cellular repair Night Cream

Off Nights Oil Cleanse, Secret Serum or secret Face Oil

I use Omnilux LED mask twice a week

Source: Dr Clara 

But the videos on TikTok show people with improved skin and they claim the only difference is their cleansing routine. 

One woman explains she was cleansing morning and night and found it damaged her natural barrier, stripping essential oils from her skin.

‘You have to stop cleansing in the morning,’ she demanded.

Dr Clara agrees that some people do suffer from their skin’s barrier being stripped too far but would never recommend stopping the bi-daily cleanse.

Dr Clara, pictured here with The Secret founder Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, struggled with bad skin in her younger years and has studied and worked professionally in skincare for years

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‘Over cleansing can strip the skin of natural oils – causing dehydration and sensitivities. When using active skincare, it is important to use a gentle oil or cream based cleanser,’ she said.


How often do you cleanse your face?

How often do you cleanse your face?

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Not cleansing in the morning could cause damage to your skin, especially if you use active skincare.

‘Cleansing in the morning is important to correctly remove your active ingredients applied the night before. This also gives you a clean base to apply your Day products and SPF. 

‘If you apply a prescription-strength Vitamin A at night time, this needs to be correctly removed before you apply additional products during the day. Additionally, some active ingredients should not be layered/mixed – therefore cleansing at least twice a day is recommended,’ she said.

Other videos show women explaining ‘when and how’ to cleanse, claiming the once-per-day method in fool proof.

People in the comments of the viral videos appeared torn.

‘I tried this and I will never go back, my skin is glowing,’ one woman said.

‘Studies show twice a day prevents acne, I won’t even try this,’ said another.  

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