Tommy Shelbys Abode: A Peek Inside Cillian Murphys $2 Million Dublin House

Cillian Murphy, a famous actor of remarkable caliber, is originally from Ireland. He came to popularity as a result of his outstanding performances in both indie films and films released by major studios. Cillian Murphy has a net worth of $20 Million as of the month of November 2022.

The Peaky Blinders actor purchased a lavish home for $2 million in 2015. Cillian Murphy and his wife, Yvonne McGuinness, and their two kids, Malachy, 16, and Aran, 14, resided in the United Kingdom for over a decade. However, approximately seven years ago, they packed up and relocated back to Dublin. Let’s take a peek inside Cillian Murphy’s $2 million Dublin house.

The Period Residence Of The Murphy Family

In an interview, Cillian stated that they spent 14 years in London, where both of their children were born, and returned to Dublin in 2015. He said that it appears to be a frequent theme for Irish people to move away, do their own thing, and then return home. Then, he desired for the children to be Irish. They were of a pre-teenage age and had quite aristocratic English accents, which Cillian didn’t particularly enjoy, so he opted to return.

Parents being of a particular age, it was simply a pleasant moment to return home. The period residence was constructed in the 1860s. According to Sherry FitzGerald, who sold the home, the edifice is a protected structure and a superb example of a Victorian terraced residence. According to the website, all of its amazing original features have been preserved. It has six double bedrooms, a living room, and several original fireplaces.

On the website for the house, Sherry FitzGerald referred to it as a residence that is both sophisticated and welcoming. Cillian’s new residence in Dublin was constructed sometime around the year 1863. Sherry FitzGerald states that the historically significant building is an outstanding illustration of a Victorian terraced residence.

According to the website, all of its magnificently unique original features have been preserved. The majority of the principal rooms still contain their original fireplaces to this day. In addition to the living area, this home features a total of six double bedrooms.

The original listing for the property featured a photograph of the living room, which featured wide windows, high ceilings, a chandelier, and an iron fireplace. However, the house obtained authorization to be upgraded after he bought it. The 3,444-square-foot home is located near yacht clubs, parks, and schools, in addition to the water.

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More Convincing Stories To Tell

Since Cillian Murphy’s acquisition of the property, homes in the same region have sold for $4 million. It is uncertain whether the resident of Cork purchased the beautiful mansion as a residence or as an investment. This follows Cillian’s announcement that a new Peaky Blinders film is “near.” According to the actor who portrays Tommy Shelby, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight has nearly completed the script for a film adaptation of the gangster thriller.

Knight had originally envisioned a seven-season run for the drama, which is set in Birmingham after World War I and follows the Shelby family. However, it was stated in 2021 that the sixth season would be the last to air on television and that the story will culminate with a feature film. This is scheduled to begin filming in the Digbeth neighborhood of Birmingham and in the studio in early 2023.

In a recent interview, Cillian indicated that he will reprise the character if there are things to tell. He stated in the film that he has not yet seen the script, but that is the goal. The plan is to make a film and continue the tale in the cinematic world as opposed to the television world. He added that the television aspect of the narrative has concluded and if there are more stories to be told, he is there. He said that he hasn’t read it yet, but he is supposedly near.

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A Simple And Quiet Lifestyle

You may believe that Cillian Murphy lives an extravagant lifestyle, but you couldn’t be more wrong. When it comes to his daily life, the actor prefers a low-key approach. However, he is not particularly fond of the prominence that comes with his occupation. If he had his way, it appears like he would be a regular guy who happens to be an actor for a living.

Cillian once said that early on, someone advised him that people will only treat you like a celebrity if you act like one. This stayed with him as he attempted not to act like a star. Cillian did not consider himself to have a personality. He considers himself an actor. In 2021, Murphy told the Irish Times that there are two separate occupations.

He continued by explaining that staying out of the public glare helps him perform his duties. The fewer people know about himself, the more accurately he can portray others. Murphy is a successful actor who may have used his large wages to purchase a luxurious property in Dublin, but the activities he engages in there are rather mundane for a celebrity of his stature and money.


Murphy was attracted to Dublin not only due to the fact that he was born in Ireland, but also because he wanted to plant down roots somewhere that was a little bit more mellow than either London or Los Angeles. Murphy informed The Guardian in 2022 that the family cooks, watches movies, and listens to music and everything is so ordinary.

Sure, Cillian Murphy has a lot of money, but judging by his attire, you’d never guess he is worth $20 million. As you may have noticed by now, the actor is a completely reserved individual. Murphy mentioned in an interview that he likes to keep it basic as he is more of a traditionalist.


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