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To fulfil the commitment, she explained that the Government’s priority is preparing Britain’s workforce for a smooth transition that will ensure economic growth as well as energy security. Speaking at a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference yesterday, she said: “We have got a model and a programme in the UK that is genuinely world-leading at every single level.

“There is a really long way to go. It’s a really hard journey and a massive industrial transition that we are asking every part of our system to do… We have the opportunity to harness the value of all our hard work, incredible innovation, and discoveries [to] set the standard across the world as we try to lead the decarbonisation challenge.

She added: “When the Prime Minister talks about growth, this is absolutely at the heart of how we do that.”

As the first major economy to commit in law to net zero by 2050, as well as hosting the UN COP26 summit, the UK is leading international efforts and setting the bar internationally.

To date, the UK has decarbonised faster than any other G7 country.

The net-zero transition will involve the Government helping businesses to reskill workers so they can move from carbon-intensive industries to the renewable sector.

Mass investment into sectors like hydrogen, nuclear and wind power will be key to the change.

Also at the event, the Daily Express highlighted the success of its Green Britain Needs You campaign.

Several polls show that most UK adults want to play their part in getting Britain to net zero, as climate change intensifies.

Responding to our comments, Ms Trevelyan said: “It’s clear the general public are with us.We have to keep going to find solutions.”

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