‘We regret spending thousands on plastic surgery – it could have killed us’

These days we have normalised sex workers and influencers getting plastic surgery – but now some are speaking out about their regrets.

Here Daily Star has highlighted three women who have splashed out when it comes to changing their appearance.

Not only do they regret spending so much money on these operations but they also regret them doing them all together.

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From a woman who went blind after surgery to another who was hospitalised, here are some of the dangers revealed.

Ju Isen

Playboy star Ju Isen wishes she'd spent less on her plastic surgery transformation.

The model revealed she spent an eye-watering $100,000 (around £71,000) sculpting her body – and has now realised she could have done it through exercise instead.

Ju Isen had around 50 cosmetic procedures over the years – from four rounds of liposuction to fat-transferring booty jabs.

She was “very happy” with the results initially as they made her feel like a “new woman” – but she now has some regrets.

The 35-year-old Brazilian bombshell said: “I realised that in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even a thin body, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to sports activities.

“I regretted having spent so much money on surgery.”

Jennifer Pamplona

A woman who spent £425,000 modifying her appearance has now warned others about the dangers of plastic surgery.

Jennifer Pamplona, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, wanted to look like Kim Kardashian but sadly she ended up in hospital due to botched fillers.

The 28-year-old had bum fillers, multiple boob jobs, two nose jobs and even four ribs removed in order to look like her idol.

Now Jennifer, who has been going under the knife for more than a decade, worries about the impact this will have on her later in life.

She told Fabulous : “Fillers made my lips so big, they were like two sausages rather than two lips.

“Now they have lost their elasticity, so now if I don’t have fillers, they look like 70-year-old lips – not even my grandmother has as saggy and wrinkly lips as I do.”

Jennifer also admitted that after getting filler and fat injected into her booty, she contracted an infection.

She said she's "lucky to be alive" after being rushed to hospital and now following the near-death experience, she is avoiding going under the knife altogether.

Korina Kova

Adult star Korina Kova wanted to turn her brown eyes green to look more like her mum – but she was left blind after a botched operation.

The Canadian travelled to Mexico to have cosmetic eye surgery that was not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Sadly years later, doctors declared her blind in one eye and visually impaired in the other, before she had emergency surgery to remove the dangerous silicone lens implants.

Opening up to British porn legend Tanya Tate on her Skinfluencer Success podcast, she said: “The regret of my life… the top regret of my life.”

The OnlyFans model consistently visited a top eye doctor in Canada for four years without any complications until she one day realised her implants were a “ticking time bomb”.

Recounting the horror of what happened next, she said: “I made it another year and I woke up one morning and it’s a blur. It is like Vaseline rubbed across my eye. It started in my right eye and I am thinking this is it… this is not good news.

“I rush to see [my eye specialist] and she cannot believe what she’s seeing because she just saw me three months ago and my endothelium count was at 1800 which is high. They don’t grow back but I had nothing left to count.

“They are what clears your cornea of the cloudiness and they just started swelling and the implant rubbed across the endothelia, killing them off instantly.”

She added: “It was a big shock and it almost cost me my life."

Zara and Igel Edgar

Zara and Igel Edgar, 36 and 39 respectively, have shared their regret over their surgery.

The couple sold their house in Manchester last November and stopped off for their surgery on the way to their new life in Grenada.

Zara spent thousands of pounds in search of the 'perfect' tummy, boobs bum and teeth, while Igel had his teeth done.

Both admit they regret their decision and are now more worried than ever, while Zara even says it feels like she has 'metal' in her stomach.

Zara, who used to work as a bank clerk, said: "I was trying to get that Instagram look, where everything is perfect. But I'd never do that now – it's not worth it.

"Just accept yourself the way you are. I wish I had. I regret this so much.

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