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Many of us experience that whirlwind feeling when we first start seeing someone – from nervous butterflies to sexual tension.

But for Mary Rose Madigan, that exciting feeling left pretty quickly.

The Sydney-based journalist revealed that a man she dated fat-shamed her after sex.

After the pair did the deed, Mary claims her match turned to her and said: “You’’d be even hotter if you lost weight”.

He then tried to soften the blow by adding: “I mean, you are hot now, but you’d be even hotter.”

But unsurprisingly, Mary felt “embarrassed and angry” and wasn’t keen on the idea of seeing him again.

Mary told MamaMia: "It was one of those moments when my brain had to process it because it seemed ridiculous. How could someone say something like that?

"Particularly after he’d just been inside of me, I mean, rude doesn’t even cover it."

The writer told her date she was upset by his comments – but instead of apologising, he apparently told her she was “overreacting”.

When the bloke messaged Mary to meet up a few days later, she understandably wasn’t interested.

And the whole experience left her needing to rebuild her confidence.

Mary said: "I had to remind myself that I was enough at any size and that my value and hotness can’t be measured by the size of my jeans.

"The only thing that needed to change was his behaviour towards women. Still, I was worried this was the price I was paying for dating as a plus-size woman."

Thankfully, focusing on self-care has helped the singleton to rebuild her confidence.

Mary believes men make cruel comments to “exert power” in relationships – so has decided to brush off the remark.

She added: “His words had nothing to do with my body and everything to do with him."

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