Your Leo Monthly Horoscope for January

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Welcome to 2021, Leo darling! Yes, 2020 was an epic disaster…but this year starts off with a few pleasant planetary connections that feel hopeful, inspiring, and (honestly) a lot less intense. But that doesn’t mean you’re not ready for a hint of drama. (Let’s be honest, Leo, you love some tabloid-worthy theatrics.) A New Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 13, activating the area of your chart associated with schedules, routines, and structures. You may be tempted to spruce up your resume with some extra flashy accolades, but resist the urge, Leo. Even though there’s no nocturnal visibility under the New Moon, it will be sure to expose your bullshit—you don’t want to get called out! How embarrassing!

Next, generous Jupiter and progressive Uranus get locked into a tense 90º angle on January 17, forming an alignment called a “square” that hasn’t occurred since 2014! Usually, you pride yourself in being agreeable, but the Jupiter-Uranus connection is making you feel like you need to lay down the law. You’re tired of people being so flaky…you want commitments, and you want them now! Don’t be afraid to establish some boundaries, Leo. “Boss” is a good look for you!

The Sun (your celestial ruler) cruises into Aquarius on January 19, activating the area of your chart associated with long-term partnerships. This Leo is ready for love! Right now, an outside perspective helps you see your present situation from a different point of view. You may be tempted to adjust your vision, but before you do, take some time to explore. Your entire perception is about to shift—you’re no longer looking for someone to simply warm your bed. Now, you want a partner who’s *actually* ready for a relationship. Serious inquiries only!

But perhaps the most important cosmic event in January occurs on January 28, when 2021’s only Full Moon in Leo electrifies the sky. It may not be your birthday yet…but this lunation is *definitely* the next best thing. Under this sky, you’re basking in the spotlight—quick, strike a pose! You’ll be feeling courageous, so don’t let those small-minded fools crush your spirit. They may not understand your experimental one-act six-hour monologue, but they’re too provincial to appreciate innovative, cutting-edge art. Their loss! Now, you realize that you can generate enough electricity to keep yourself warm. You’re your own solo show.

But before you start sending out those theatrical “goodbye” emails, you should know that Mercury goes retrograde on January 30 and miscommunications will be inevitable. Through mid-February, you’ll want to proceed with caution—although Mercury Retrograde won’t send your life into a multi-year dramatic upheaval, it will make your day-to-day experiences slightly more annoying. Don’t fret, Leo! You look fabulous under pressure. After all, it’s not sweat—it’s glitter!

Happy New Year! You deserve some astro merch.

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