Your Cancer Monthly Horoscope for January

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Will 2021 be your year, Cancer darling? Uh…it f*cking better be. After the sh*tshow that was 2020, there’s no doubt that you’re anticipating a brighter tomorrow. But in perfect irony, the New Year kicks off with a dark moon. On January 13, a New Moon in Capricorn blankets the sky. Go ahead and poke that adorable little head out of your hard shell—with the Sun and Moon both in Capricorn (your opposite sign) it’s okay to be a little more…dare I say, vulnerable? This New Moon inspires you to have more honest internal dialogues about your wants and needs, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself engaging in meaningful conversations with others, too. Under this sky, it’s obvious that real recognizes real. You might even find the process of opening up to be quite energizing—you’re actually *enjoying* sharing your secrets. What a complete transformation!

Next, on January 17, Jupiter in Aquarius creates a tense square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. With the areas of your chart associated with intimacy and communication illuminated, you don’t need to be a mathematician to see that something isn’t adding up. Is someone withholding valuable information? Now that you’ve had a few swigs of truth serum, you’re not willing to let anything slide. You demand transparency and with Jupiter and Uranus aligned, you won’t settle for anything less!

By mid-month, one thing’s for sure: You’re ready to get real. Like it or not, the Sun’s moving into Aquarius on January 19, activating the area of your chart associated with emotional intimacy. No more games, Cancer—it’s time to lay your cards on the table. As the Sun moves into Aquarius, it’s time to tell that special someone *exactly* how you feel. Crab got your tongue? There’s always more to discover in the shadows of your psyche, so don’t be afraid to adventure into the nooks and crannies of your sensitivities.

And all of those deep dives will pay off on January 28, when a Full Moon in Leo lights up the sky. With this celestial satellite shining a light in the darkness, you realize that it’s all about trusting your intuition. In the past, you spent a whole lot of energy trying to *prove* yourself—now, you’re wondering why you even bothered! You already know that you’re born to be successful. You’re smart, talented, and hard working. Today, don’t be afraid to take your foot off the gas. You’re safe to cruise!

Well, actually, not so fast. There is one last thing you need to know…Mercury Retrograde begins on January 30, and, unfortunately you cannot bulldoze over this speed bump. In fact, the entire function of Mercury Retrograde is to slow things down! Through mid-February, make sure you’re checking in with your closest companions, ensuring that you’re all moving in the same direction. This is a joint effort, Cancer! But don’t worry—you’re no stranger to calamity. You got this!

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