Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for January

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As we careen into 2021, I’m delighted to inform you that you may be presented with some new, exciting financial opportunities. Hot damn! On January 13, a New Moon in Capricorn illuminates the area of your chart associated with personal finances, and suddenly, your emotional needs align perfectly with your economic goals. Whether you’re negotiating a raise with your boss or doubling-down on your creative venture, remember that nothing’s wrong with focusing attention on your bank account. Money matters, and guess what? You’re allowed to care about your resources—I promise it doesn’t make you any less bohemian. In fact, it’s only human!

You hate being lectured, but *attending* a lecture is a whole different story. On January 17, Jupiter and Uranus form a powerful alignment, inspiring you to educate yourself on an esoteric topic. Sure, not everyone is going to understand your passion—but then again, you wouldn’t expect them to! You’re a progressive, unconventional archer…who cares if your interests are only appreciated by a niche counterculture? You’re intellectually satiated by the subject, and, at the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

The Sun cruises into Aquarius on January 19, activating the area of your chart associated with peers, communication, and playful banter. This fresh energy is all about collaboration. Right now, you’re committed to connecting with your crew. You don’t have time for small-minded people right now and—yes—that applies to your romantic partnerships, too. I’m sorry to say, but if your lover isn’t interested in visualizing a better tomorrow, it’s unlikely they’ll make it through the day. So say “buh-bye” to fair-weather friends and “sup?” to those who actually get you. Yes, my darling Sagittarius, ‘tis the season to *finally* launch your book club!

On January 28, the Full Moon in Leo shines a bright light into the abyss, signaling limitless exploration. With the Moon as your compass, you can see the road ahead—including all its twists and turns. You don’t often think of love in terms of exploration, but now, you’re realizing that your emotional landscape is uncharted territory. In order to understand this terrain, you’ll need a guide—and yes, Sagittarius, this might mean *actually* committing to a relationship. This is major!

Finally, January wraps up with a bit of a buzzkill: Mercury Retrograde begins on January 30. But turn that frown upside down—Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to mean doom and gloom. Yes, it’s true that for the three weeks that Mercury is cruising backwards you won’t be able to drift exclusively on autopilot—this cycle requires accountability. You’ll want to map out exactly where you’re going…otherwise, you may end up calling for roadside assistance from the edge of a highway. And with Mercury Retrograde causing calamities, meltdowns, and migraines, that’s definitely not ideal. But, hey, now that you know, you can avoid it! Ah, the magic of astrology!

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