You're quick-witted if you Find the odd tree out in just 10 seconds

You’re an intelligent and quick-witted person if you can find the odd tree out in just 10 seconds

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You may pride yourself on your observational skils, but are you quick-witted enough to find the tree that’s slightly different to the rest in this tricky puzzle? 

The challenge has been posted by Freshers Live, a site that regularly posts similar challenges, and it’s been puzzling people from around the world.

According to the site you need to ‘look deeply into the image’, which features rows of amber-coloured trees on a black background. 

If you have what it takes, the puzzle should only take a maximum of 10 seconds to solve. 

The website stresses: ‘Don’t take too much time. Keep in mind that the clock is ticking.’ 

Scroll down for reveal 

Can you find the tree that is ever so slightly different from the rest, among this sea of amber forest?

If you’re fast enough, the illusion should only take ten seconds to complete and according to Freshers Live if you succeed, ‘You are an intelligent and quick-witted person. You have a sharp mind and great visual and thinking skills’.

If you’ve studied the picture and you’re still struggling to find the image, this hint might help you out.  

The difference is that the odd tree has a lighter-coloured trunk than the rest of the plants, but this faded bark is easy to miss.

It comes after another optical illusion image claimed to reveal a key personality trait simply on what you see first in a picture. 

The hidden Odd Tree is marked in a circle above. These kinds of optical illusions help you to act fast and increase your focusing power. It will help you to improve your IQ, according to the site

Posted by American TikTok account Psychologylove (psychologylove100), who has over 325,000 followers, the video suggests that people have either a creative or a logical nature depending on what animal is revealed to them.

The voiceover explains that it can indicate how their brains work when faced with problems and tasks. 

Showing an image of two green crocodiles on a yellow background, creating a bird in the center, it comes with message: ‘Discover your true personality’.

Explaining the psychology behind the thought process, the video reveals: ‘What you see first will reveal a very specific aspect of your personality. 

What do you see? Crocodiles or a bird with its wings spread in the middle of the open jaws

‘If you see crocodiles first, it indicates that are a very sensitive and creative person, you are able to see beauty in simple things, and are often inspired by your surroundings.’

According to the TikToker, those that fall into this category are often imaginative,  and take on an innovative approach to problem solving. 

Those with this personality trait, he added, are usually ‘drawn to the arts, music, and literature’ and are ‘able to see beauty in things that are often overlooked by others’.

However, if you see a bird when you first look at the image, the TikToker explained you’re most likely to be a logical and practical person. 

He said: ‘If, on the contrary, you saw the bird first, then this indicates that you are an extremely observant and analytical person. 

‘You have a keen mind and are able to see the finer details in things. You are also very perceptive and able to understand things quickly.

‘You are drawn to science mathematics and logic, and are able to solve things problems effectively.’


Viewers of the image flocked to share what they thought about the personality test with many revealing the definitions were spot on

Viewers of the TikTok video were loving the personality test and rushed to leave comments underneath. 

One person wrote: ‘Bird seriously that’s me ooo how do you guy know so much.’

‘The bird and is absolutely correct,’ added someone else.

Another user penned: ‘Accurate….. So on point.’

Some couldn’t see the bird at all, while lots of people replied to say they saw both the crocodiles and the bird, which the creator replied was ‘crazy’.  

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