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EVERYONE wants to win the lottery, and there are tricks that can help to boost your chances of hitting the jackpot.

Maybe you've got lucky numbers that you always pick when doing the lottery.

Or perhaps you choose based on family birthdays and front door numbers.

But you might actually be better off being a little more strategic with your numbers – and using the National Lottery app could help you.

Danny Waites, data analyst at Embryo Digital, last year examined all of the draws since the Lotto started.

He told The Sun that using the Lotto app can help you to keep track of your numbers and see which ones appear most frequently.


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The app keeps all the tickets from draws you've entered, allowing you to go back and check your most profitable numbers.

Danny suggested making a list, or even a spreadsheet, of the most commonly occurring numbers and playing these regularly.

He said: "I personally use the National Lottery app.

"I play the same numbers for three months at a time, then rerun the model and update my numbers accordingly.

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"Setting it up in the app to play these same numbers every Tuesday and Friday ensures I don't need to worry about missing out."

This method could stop you from being drawn into choosing sentimental, and not very profitable numbers.

The National Lottery app is free to download from either the App Store on iPhone, or the Google Play store on Android devices.

While the app is free, you will still have to pay to enter the draws.

Lotto costs £2 to play, and has draws every Wednesday and Saturday.

While EuroMillions takes place every Tuesday and Friday, and costs £2.50 to play.

But you should never spend more than you can afford.

If you’re worried about gambling, you can get help and advice from the NHS, GamCare and BeGambleAware.

How else can I boost my chances of winning?

While there's no rhyme or reason as to why one number is drawn more than another – it's good to shake up your methods.

Opting to buy a lucky dip ticket every now and again to help you mix up your choices.

Among those who choose their own numbers, the most commonly picked ones tend to be lower – between 1 and 31 – as many players select based on dates such as birthdays or anniversaries.

As you can see from Lotto draws, there's not always a good spread of numbers, and the same ones come up frequently.

The best way to improve your chances of winning is to buy more tickets for a single draw.

But you should never spend more than you can afford.

Happily, there is one easy way of getting more tickets at the same cost and that is by joining a syndicate.

Of course, you share the winnings, but the chances of matching the numbers drawn are vastly improved.

You can find or start a syndicate among family, friends or work colleagues.

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Or you can even join a syndicate online. There are plenty of options available, but Lottery Guy recommends  

Overall, the best way to approach any lottery is as a game of fun because there is no way to guarantee a winning ticket.

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