Zara Tindall could be the hottest right now with viral hair trend

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Zara Tindall can rock any hair cut or style, from blunt bobs to buns to bangs. What should her next hair venture be, according to a hair stylist? spoke exclusively to Milk + Blush’s Nicole Petty about the royal’s luscious locks.

Should Zara opt for some deeper tones of blonde or totally reinvent herself with an entirely new colour?

Many people decide to reinvent themselves come January, in keeping with the idea of ‘new year, new me’ – and the royals are no exception.

Zara has consistently rocked blonde hair, a darker hue years ago before settling on a lighter blonde more permanently.

But, according to Nicole, 2023 might be the year the Queen’s trendy granddaughter pushes the boat out and goes for something more adventurous.

She advised the royal to pay attention to what’s trending right now when it comes to hair dye.

“In the New Year, Zara could be more adventurous with her hair colour,” she stated.

“If she wants to mix it up even more [than blonde], she could experiment with the hottest hair colour right now – copper.”

The expert shared that this would “really complement her skin tone and blue eyes”.

Hashtag #copperhair, which has an incredible 676.8 million – and counting – views on TikTok, has taken the hair world by storm and is becoming a very popular colour request in salons across the globe.

Many are going for copper locks just in time for spring, beginning March 20, 2023.

Alternatively, Zara could stick to her blonde locks – practically synonymous with the royal – but make a few subtle tweaks.

Nicole suggested: “Classically seen with blonde highlighted locks that accentuate her natural beauty, introducing honey or caramel pieces would give her hair more dimension and require far less upkeep.”

While Zara likely has access to some of the best stylists and colourists the industry has to offer, this is also a good tip for those sporting blonde on a budget.

Adding darker colours, especially near the root of the hair, means fewer trips to the salon and over time less money spent.

Zara is currently wearing her bleach blonde in a long, blunt bob, however in the past she has sported bangs, short hair and below-the-shoulder tresses.

Milk + Blush’s Nicole said: “Not one to shy away from different hairstyles, Zara’s blonde locks are often admired by Brits from all over.

“The royal was recently spotted sporting a sharp cropped blonde style at Cheltenham Racecourse, accessorised with a fedora – a look that is bang on trend.”

The whole look was a gorgeous dark blue coat dress, belted at the waist to highlight the royal’s figure and black suede boots for the chilly occasion.

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