£1.3million home Meghan Markle lived with her producer ex husband before Harry

Meghan Markle was not always a Duchess. The wife of Prince Harry was once a working actress and was married to a movie producer.

Now, the Duchess lives in Montecito in a £11m mansion, but she once lived in a more modest – but still lavish – Californian home.

Located 87 miles away from her current residence, Meghan’s former home is in a completely different style to the Spanish-style villa she now lives in, featuring ultra-modern furnishings and decorations.

From 2011 to 2013, Meghan resided in Los Angeles, dividing her time between the bustling city and Toronto, Canada, where she filmed the hit TV show Suits.

Her former home, which went up for sale in 2019 for £1.3million, was described by The Bienstock Group at the time as a “rare colonial Hancock Park charmer with so much sunshine.”

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The property is well decorated, just like Meghan’s current home with £367.35 candles and £1,377.56 blankets.

The home features an open-plan living and dining room with a light and airy ambiance. The color palette, reminiscent of Meghan’s Toronto home, features white walls and wooden flooring, providing a blank canvas for the space.

To add a pop of color, jewel-toned cushions, and artwork are strategically placed, injecting vibrancy into the room.

The modern aesthetic extends into the kitchen, which boasts white cabinets, sleek grey worktops, and aluminum appliances.

The master bedroom is adorned with grey herringbone wall tiles, marble vanity units, and his-and-hers sinks featuring brass hexagon-shaped mirrors.

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